Jan 29, 2013
Beth Rivkah Holds Gala Dinner

Over 600 friends, supporters and alumni gathered for the annual gala fundraising dinner for Beth Rivkah Schools in Yerres, France.

Over 600 people gathered for the annual fundraising dinner for Beth Rivkah Schools in Yerres, France on Sunday, January 13.

The crowd of donors, friends, alumni and parents of students enjoyed a gala evening, which was attended by prominent Rabbis and included entertainment by a symphony orchestra playing niggunim.

The evening began with a cocktail buffet, which was then followed by an elegant dinner, in the beautiful setting of the Vincennes district of Paris.

During the event, funds were raised from their supporters and friends to finance the remaining costs of building the new, modern school complex which opened in 2010.

The film screened during the evening, besides showing the children in the new school building, movingly honored the memories of faculty members - Rabbi Gurevitch obm and principal Rabbi Ori Shonthal obm - two pillars of Beth Rivkah who passed away, recounting their unconditional love and concern for each child.

Beth Rivkah (France) was founded by the Rebbe in 1947 at the request of the Frierdiker Rebbe. Today Beth Rivkah in the Paris suburb of Yerres has 600 students, in the sections which range from kindergarten, primary and high schools, a girls seminary and boys school, plus a special section for children with various difficulties.

Contact for the seminary: Rabbi Uzan: 00 33 169 49 62 67
Cell phone:00 33 6 60 49 67 51, or by email: isfmbrivka@gmail.com

Good News! For all the girls who are in crown heights from this week until the 4th of february, if you are interested in Beth Rivkah seminary, France, you can arrange to meet Mrs Uzan: 917 754 7653. Bienvenue!

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Beth Rivka seminary
I was there for 3 of the best years in my life! It's about time Beth Rivka advertise their seminary! They have amazing teachers, a great program, and they are much cheaper than all the other seminaries! You get the experience of a lifetime there. Careful though you have to be committed to learning and working hard on your middos! Don't go there if you think you're gonna skip class and go shopping on the champs elysees!!
Lots of hatzlocha to Beth Rivka France!!
(1/29/2013 10:33:42 PM)
i spot..
Rabbi G.
(1/30/2013 12:49:38 AM)
Le Seminaire
I will second what No1 has written.I spent 2 amazing years in the days of "The Menahel" .We learnt and had fun,had good lessons and met inspiring people including the Eltere Chassidim and Rebbitzens living in the Yeshiva courtyard. However there was not the overall Madricha/Eim Habayis supervision in those days,which must have changed by now.
Iw was through good friends and strong self control that changed us for the better
Kol Hakavod to Beis Rivkah
(1/30/2013 7:55:56 AM)
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